Summer break

Hallo there,


I am so sorry I did not post anything the last weeks. I was actually quite busy with work and needed some time to thing about new themes and posts.

Next week I will be in Barcelona and be prepared that I will keep you updated on my stay there. I am looking forward to a great city, sunshine, beach, shopping, amazing food, meetings at modeling agencies and a great time with my mom 🙂

So I will keep you posted and until then follow me on instagram @maliakeana

for some little picture updates on my life.



Cardea Detox

We all get a bit sicky from time to time, tired and exhausted. For myself as a model, I have to take care of what I eat, not because I don’t want to gain weight but rather because I want to stay fit and look fresh. A lot of food that we eat is poison for your body and reflects in your shape and skin. If you are tired, don’t drink enough water and do not eat fruits and vegetables, your skin will look pale and your body will be more vulnerable for infections.

So besides eating healthy it is a great idea to do a detox treatment each year and what could be better than great juices, smoothies or soups of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I had a look at Cardea Detox, they offer different programms (depending on how long you want to detox), hot soups and juices and even vegan programms. You can choose from juicy detox, to green power detox, to juicy&dinner detox and so on. It is up to you if you only want to detox with fluids or also with one meal of solid food.

You can even have a skin detox at home with Cardea – easy as that.

All ingredients are natural and organic, aloe vera, boost, spirulina, guarana, lots of healthy stuff in one bottle.

Who said detoxing is boring and does not taste well – these juices and soups proof that it is wrong and your body will thank you!

You can order your detox programme online and have it shipped to your home.

For more information and if you want to try Cardea Detox got to:

Cape Town -Llandudno-

I wanted to show you some pictures of the photoshoot with Francois Pistorius at one of Cape Towns most beautiful beaches – Llandudno Beach

Styling was done by myself, I wanted it to be really natural and used usual BB Cream of Biotherm and some pink nailpolish. Lipstick is Mac (impassioned).

High waist shorts: American Apparel, Shirt: Zara

Enjoy 🙂



Check Francois website out for more of his work:

Pastel Photoshoot

One of the trends that started last year and will stay this year is pastel colors for spring and summer. With a little adjustment of mixing these pastel colors with bright colors. Pastel color blocking. My favorites are shades of mint green, yellow, purple and blue.

These pastel colors always remind me of candy, so there could be no better idea than mixing both ideas and shoot a pastel candy story.

Make up was done by my friend Yvonne and the focused on nails, hair and pastel lips.

Modelling is so much fun, doing all these great photoshoots and being able to wear all these amazing clothes and labels like Chanel or Prada.

I am so happy with the results and hope to give you some inspiration how to wear your candy colors this season

Check out the portfolios of these two great creative girls:




Tropical Punch Making of Photoshoot

Okay, usually I don’t do styling at photoshoots for male models, but because my boyfriend asked me if I would be interested i had to say yes! Isn’t it great when you are together with a person and can also work with that person in professional life? I love it.

We wanted to show a bold male model wearing the latest tropical print mixed with bright colors. Green was the most important color in this shoot, there is always a hint of green in each outfit.

This photoshoot was also a first for me regarding preps, because I also did the art direction and decoration of the photoshoot. I can say I was in charge and I really wanted to make it all work.

Thanks to the great team of Rene, Melanie and Sebastian we had a great, fun and sucessful day.

I will show you the whole tropical story, once it’s coming out of postprod.

Now I have to work on another six shoots, it never gets boring…

Please have a look at the portfolios or Rene and Melanie as well:




Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get mine from the beautiful nature and moments in life

and you?

Making of beautyshoot

I wanted to show you some behind the scenes pictures of the great beauty/commercial shoot I did a week ago with the sweet Melanie and Rene.

We had so much fun shooting these commercial pictures and ended up shooting a make up story, which I will show you within the next month hopefully.

Great work with a great team and we will shoot another beauty Macaron story this weekend.

Please have a look at their portfolios as well: