Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2015 Romantic Safari

For the final day of New York Fashion Week Ralph Lauren presented his latest collection “romantic safari”. Khaki casualness paired with bright colors as yellow, red or pink. Evening wear with wide maxi dresses and statement necklaces, embellishment. Its time to explore with romantic safari looks, safari jackets, silk and glamour.

Cape Town -Llandudno-

I wanted to show you some pictures of the photoshoot with Francois Pistorius at one of Cape Towns most beautiful beaches – Llandudno Beach

Styling was done by myself, I wanted it to be really natural and used usual BB Cream of Biotherm and some pink nailpolish. Lipstick is Mac (impassioned).

High waist shorts: American Apparel, Shirt: Zara

Enjoy 🙂



Check Francois website out for more of his work:


Cape Town Bound 2014




I promised to upload some impressions from my time in Cape Town, so here they are.


Coming home

Cape Town time is over now. Means coming back to ice cold Germany, escaping summer, switching to winter. I am not really looking forward to wearing winter clothes again, but I am excited for the jobs in March. I will shoot for the loud online shop again and work for Paul Mitchel. So there is always something to look forward to. I also think I will come back to Cape Town for next season. It was great to be here, experience the people and culture, see all the great landscapes and meet many new and interesting people and of course do work and model here.

Bye bye Cape Town and talk to you soon, once I am back in Germany.


Let’s go on a Safari!

What would be South Africa without a safari? Right, not just really South Africa. So we decided that we want to do at least a bit of safari (no we were not able to go to Krugers National Park) and it could not have been a better decision than doing it at Fairy Glen Reserve. Of course you cannot compare a private reserve with Krugers National Park, but it gives you an idea of what a National Park looks like and the animals are still running around freely. It was really beautiful to see the zebras, gnus, rhinos and elephants and we did even see lions, too. A little lepard tortoise also wanted to say hi to us. Fairy Glen is a great spot to do a safari, really friendly people, amazing atmosphere. You can tell that the owners not just want to make money, but also make the people aware that the white and black rhino is nearly extinct and that hunting for ivory or for fun is an absolute no go!
Four hours of Safari, heaps of pictures later we were quite happy that we visited Fairy Glen. Once I am back in Germany I will post some of the pictures I took there.


Cheetah Outreach

On top of my to do list in Cape Town was to visit the Cheetah Outreach in Sommerset West. I think it is important to learn something about the endangered animals of South Africa, which would be the South African Cheetah. These amazing big cats can run up to 110 km/h fast and are such beauties. I am so sad to hear that they are on the edge of extinction and even more happier that I found out, that Cheetah Outreach is working on a programme to help the Cheetah. Cheetahs are amazing runners, really smart and they need our help and our awareness. So if you are in Cape Town, you should come and visit the Cheetah Outreach in Summerset West and meet these beautiful animals.

I had a lot of fun and it was a great experience to have that encounter with two of their Cheetahs, I will never forget it.

Have a look at: www.cheeta.co.za




Goeie dag!

Today we arrived in sunny and beautiful Cape Town.

I am a bit tired from the long flight and the trip, but I wanted to show you some pictures from our view and the beach where we are staying.

Doesn’t this look like paradise here?

Tomorrow we will start exploring the city and check out the surf spots here.

Let’s see where this goes…