Moschino Cruise 2015 // Defiles Cruise

I am a big Moschino fan, because I love the style and I love the way they design.

Last time I was a bit upset by their McDonalds and Spongebob creations, but again they pulled of a cheeky and fun collection.

This is a selection of pieces that I would wear myself:

I love the combination of pink and purple and white and gold.

The different shades of brown and beige are a perfect fit for fall season. And white, an elegant and timeless color.

Cardea Detox

We all get a bit sicky from time to time, tired and exhausted. For myself as a model, I have to take care of what I eat, not because I don’t want to gain weight but rather because I want to stay fit and look fresh. A lot of food that we eat is poison for your body and reflects in your shape and skin. If you are tired, don’t drink enough water and do not eat fruits and vegetables, your skin will look pale and your body will be more vulnerable for infections.

So besides eating healthy it is a great idea to do a detox treatment each year and what could be better than great juices, smoothies or soups of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I had a look at Cardea Detox, they offer different programms (depending on how long you want to detox), hot soups and juices and even vegan programms. You can choose from juicy detox, to green power detox, to juicy&dinner detox and so on. It is up to you if you only want to detox with fluids or also with one meal of solid food.

You can even have a skin detox at home with Cardea – easy as that.

All ingredients are natural and organic, aloe vera, boost, spirulina, guarana, lots of healthy stuff in one bottle.

Who said detoxing is boring and does not taste well – these juices and soups proof that it is wrong and your body will thank you!

You can order your detox programme online and have it shipped to your home.

For more information and if you want to try Cardea Detox got to:

Little black playsuit



  (Jumpsuit: Cameo, Belt: Asos, Ring: H&M, Necklace: Zara)

One of my must haves for this season are jumpsuits/playsuits. I have seen them in lots of fashion shows and I love them.

So this outfit is my idea of a going out dress, except that this is a little black jumpsuit. To make it look elegant and chic I have added the golden belt and the Chanel style Necklace. The ring is a little stunner as well. Wearing high heels in black vernis I can definately see myself going out like this.

I love the clothes of the Australian label Cameo. They have very clean and elegant shapes and the quality is amazing. You automatically look expensive in their clothes and I adore every piece of their latest collection.

Parsley Print

I love jumpsuits for this season as they can be really elegant and casual.

Parsley print is actually my favorite print besides tropical prints. I love the timeless and elegant style of the blue and white combination. I can easily wear this jumpsuit with balerinas for shopping in the city and with heels for going out at night.

(Jumpsuit: Forever New, Heels: Zara)


Thank you Kay for taking the pictures of this style:

Cape Town -Llandudno-

I wanted to show you some pictures of the photoshoot with Francois Pistorius at one of Cape Towns most beautiful beaches – Llandudno Beach

Styling was done by myself, I wanted it to be really natural and used usual BB Cream of Biotherm and some pink nailpolish. Lipstick is Mac (impassioned).

High waist shorts: American Apparel, Shirt: Zara

Enjoy 🙂



Check Francois website out for more of his work:

What do you want to know?

I thought it is time to ask you something:


What to you want me to blog about? What do you want to know?


It is always good to know what is on your mind and what you believe is interesting, so please let me know!

Comment topics, write me – whatever but let me know what is on your mind.


Have a great weekend





Marine Style

Shirt and Jacket: Mango, Shorts: Forever21, Necklace: Iam, Heels: Zara

I love marina style outfits and I love the combination of this classic look with young and fresh pieces.

Adding the Jacket to this looks make it more sophisticated and mature. The necklace is a stunner itself and perfect for this outfit if you want to wear it for dinner or for grabbing a cocktail. Overall marine style ist something that is timeless, classy and always looks good. Whether you mix blue and red, black and yellow, white and blue… so many combinations and sooo many ways to look great.

Thank you Kay for taking the pictures of this style: