Fashion Clash Maastricht 2014

So what could be better on a sunny Friday than attending a fashion event with my  girl Miri in Maastricht and at Fashionclash Maastricht!
Lucky us we got hair&make up done at the Pro Academy in Cologne where some really talented make up students made us look pretty and fresh.
How can you visit the Netherlands and not eat dutch fries? We thought there is now way around so we did some shopping and had some food in the beautiful city of Maastricht before we headed to Fashionclash.
We also shot some looks for you (I will upload them within the next weeks) and went for the Fashionclash markets and exhibition.
In the evening it was time for us to attend the fashion show where students showcased their graduation collection. Quite interesting for us, gathering new inspiration and seeing such talented aspiring designers.
Here are some impressions of what Fashionclash was like
Last but not least I was spotted for a street style competition. Please to this page and vote for me, because I can actually win something (yay) 🙂

Moschino Cruise 2015 // Defiles Cruise

I am a big Moschino fan, because I love the style and I love the way they design.

Last time I was a bit upset by their McDonalds and Spongebob creations, but again they pulled of a cheeky and fun collection.

This is a selection of pieces that I would wear myself:

I love the combination of pink and purple and white and gold.

The different shades of brown and beige are a perfect fit for fall season. And white, an elegant and timeless color.

Le Bloc Cologne // 2014

Can you spot me?



Thanks Miri for the great post :*





Bikini season is just around the corner and I wanted to introduce to you a great label that creates amazing swimsuits and bikinis- MOEVA.

MOEVA is a London based brand that offers great designs and great quality since 2012. Amazing colors are mixed with eyecatching details. The results are expensive and elegant bikinis and monokinis.

This is actually a selection of the latest collection of MOEVA:

I am in love with the colors and golden details of these pieces. MOEVA is a brand that combines luxury and rich taste and that definately will make you look stunning at the beach or pool
A great way for a confident woman to express herself and her taste of fashion.
Shop the latest collection of MOEVA online:

Lizzie Fortunato

I am  wearing a lot of jewellery when I am doing photoshoots and when I am modelling. Usually when I dress up myself I tend to forget that I could add a necklace, earrings or rings to my outfits. Doing styling I always think of these details, its kind of funny that I am split when it comes to going out as a stylist or just as a model.

Anyways I came across the incredible designs of Lizzie Fortunato and I am in loooove. I can’t even make up my mind which design I love more but I am stunned by the amazing craftsmanship of their jewellery.

So this is just a selection of the pieces that I want for myself.

The brand is an NYC based label designed by Lizzie Fortunato and operated by her twin sister Kathryn.

Shop yourself happy with the incredible designs:

Alex Perry Spring/Summer 2014/15

I have a thing for Ozzi labels and designers and I am so happy that Sunday MBFW Australia began.

So many great designers showcasing their latest fashion and one of them is Alex Perry.
Alex Perry is know for his amazing, feminine gowns, always making women feel timellesly elegant and like a princess.

For spring/summer 2014/15 he actually pulled of a collection of lace dresses mainly in black, but also color blocking. The combination of short dresses in embellished lace are pretty much amazing and ready to wear if you go to a red carpet event or just clubbing.

Spotted also topmodel Alessandra Ambrosio working it on the catwalk and looking adorable as usual.


Make up for his show was simple but glowing. Nude looks, nude lips, glowing skin, straight hair. As I said simple but effective.


Also spotted Australia’s next topmodel winner Amanda Ware. What a great show and what a great designer!

Have a look at their websites for fashion updates and to admire the amazing work of Alex Perry:

or even shop the Australian Fashion Week runway:


So when do you realize that its spring time and summer is just around the corner?

Right- its getting tropical in here.

And what could be better than decorating your home with Pinnaples?

8478106302_1_1_3 (Store: zara home)


You can get them in plain white or in color.

Myself I love the mix of white and gold features.

So get your Pinnaples NOW 🙂