I will be on a little break again and enjoy some free time in France.

Meanwhile I want to share with you some amazing places in the world, which might be worth a visit 😉


Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali

Amangiri, Utah

The Berkeley, London


Did I now awake your FERNWEH?

Valentines Day

Am I oldschool to tell you that I love Valentines Day? I really like the idea to celebrate that day and to make yourself clear that you are happy to be with that one person you love and that loves you back. This is something not everybody can have and you should feel very lucky to have found your better half. Of course you should not only celebrate on this one day, you should always tell the ones you love, that you love them. Never waste a chance to do so. But I really like the old fashioned idea of a day, when you send your love a valentines card or roses, go out on a candle light dinner and enjoy the company and smile.

So I hope you all had a great Valentines Day, because I had a very romantic and great day with my love here in Cape Town.



Happy Feet

Today we went to Simmons Town to see the South African Penguin and it was such a great experience.

First of all the way to Simmons Town is through Muizenberg, which beach is quite popular for its colored beach houses. I really love these houses and I definitely will take some pictures there in the next week.

Simmons Town itself is a cute little town. The penguins are at Boulders Beach, just a beach as you imagine on a postcard. Cleary, blue water with perfectly shaped rocks and of course heaps of penguins. I really like penguins because the are so cheeky and they keep a stone for their partner, such a cuuuuute idea. We saw so many of them swimming and walking around and bathing in the sun or having fun at the water.

It was really worth the trip, but have a look yourself.