Le Bloc Cologne // 2014

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Pastel Photoshoot

One of the trends that started last year and will stay this year is pastel colors for spring and summer. With a little adjustment of mixing these pastel colors with bright colors. Pastel color blocking. My favorites are shades of mint green, yellow, purple and blue.

These pastel colors always remind me of candy, so there could be no better idea than mixing both ideas and shoot a pastel candy story.

Make up was done by my friend Yvonne and the focused on nails, hair and pastel lips.

Modelling is so much fun, doing all these great photoshoots and being able to wear all these amazing clothes and labels like Chanel or Prada.

I am so happy with the results and hope to give you some inspiration how to wear your candy colors this season

Check out the portfolios of these two great creative girls:






Tropical Punch Making of Photoshoot

Okay, usually I don’t do styling at photoshoots for male models, but because my boyfriend asked me if I would be interested i had to say yes! Isn’t it great when you are together with a person and can also work with that person in professional life? I love it.

We wanted to show a bold male model wearing the latest tropical print mixed with bright colors. Green was the most important color in this shoot, there is always a hint of green in each outfit.

This photoshoot was also a first for me regarding preps, because I also did the art direction and decoration of the photoshoot. I can say I was in charge and I really wanted to make it all work.

Thanks to the great team of Rene, Melanie and Sebastian we had a great, fun and sucessful day.

I will show you the whole tropical story, once it’s coming out of postprod.

Now I have to work on another six shoots, it never gets boring…

Please have a look at the portfolios or Rene and Melanie as well:






Lua Love

I love wearing small details that actually tell a story and that are quite unique to yourself.

So I came across Lua. I found their wish bracelets by surprise in a small store in Cologne and I had to get them. It’ s such a cute idea and they look so delicate that you just fall in love with the different colors and charms. You can choose the color and charm yourself, so that’s your custom made bracelet.

They also have other designs as well as necklaces.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Lua Bracelet today on:


Back in Germany Style four

I had to have a little break after coming back to Germany. There was a lot of work that just waited for me here at home and I had to get ahead of all this.

So now with fresh inspiration in my head is the first look after Cape Town.

Shoes: Aldo, Skirt and Top: Zara, Earrings Vintage my own

We shot this outfit after a photoshoot and I have to admit I am in love with this one. I wanted to show something really classic, timeless you could wear to work or when going for a drink. The back details on the top make it look like a fun outfit, really elegant and perfect for a night out. Looking at it from the front it is a classic skirt, white tip outfit, perfect for the office. Since this outfit is a stunner, there is no need of big details, just earrings are enough.

I will also post about the photoshoot this week and I will finally be able to show you the pictures we shot in Cape Town.

Lots of interesting stuff coming up this month, so stay tuned.


Thanks to Rene Siciliano and Melanie Krüger for making me look soo good. Check out their work here:



Last days in Cape Town

The one who things the last day are relaxing must be jocking. My last days in Cape Town are packed with castings, photoshoots and stuff that I want to see. Just to give you an idea. Photoshoot on Monday with amazing Luke (I will write about this when I am back in Germany), Boo Kap, last minute shopping, stepping by the agency and saying goodbye to everybody (thank you Roxy, Sarah and Estee for looking so good after us and for being so kind and friendly) aaaaaaand picking up my brand new, custom made surfboard!!!!

Fun and great last days and now I have to pack my bags for Germany.

How do you like my new surfboard?