(Striped shirt: Zara, white jeans: zara, shoes: Polo Ralph Lauren, belt: Moschino, backpack: Estarer)

Going out during the day, shopping, meeting for a coffee, this outfit is perfect. It is understated but has some great pieces, like the classic Moschino belt, or the amazing vintage backpack by Estarer.

It looks easy to wear but is a stunner and thats what I love about the whole look. It pretty much stands for my style of clothing.

Pictures by my hun:

and hair&makeup by the talented students of Pro Academy Cologne:



(Jumpsuit: Keepsake the Label , Black vernis heels: Zara, Silver belt: Asos, white bag: Zara)

As you might have noticed I love wearing jumpsuits. They are the ultimate summer must have and a great substitute to cocktail dresses.

This graphic playsuit by the Aussie Label Keepsake is amazing. I love the shape of it, the graphic print and the way it looks sporty without a belt and classic with the belt. Adding high heels and the Miu Miu look like Zara bag this outfit is great for going clubbing or going for a red carpet event.

Pictures by my hun:

and hair&makeup by the talented students of Pro Academy Cologne:

Crop Top


(Crop top and jeans: sara, shoes: Nike, necklace: Ginatricot, rings: H&M)

I love wearing confi yet classic clothes and I love to add little pieces to the whole look.

So from firth sight this look seems to be sporty, because of the nike shoes, but looking more closely the necklace and golden rings are adding a classic hint and make this outfit more glamorous. It is also quite important for me to have a jeans that perfectly fits and feels good on my skin. I love the white jeans with the destroyed look .

Pictures by my hun:

and hair&makeup by the talented students of Pro Academy Cologne:

Coming home

Cape Town time is over now. Means coming back to ice cold Germany, escaping summer, switching to winter. I am not really looking forward to wearing winter clothes again, but I am excited for the jobs in March. I will shoot for the loud online shop again and work for Paul Mitchel. So there is always something to look forward to. I also think I will come back to Cape Town for next season. It was great to be here, experience the people and culture, see all the great landscapes and meet many new and interesting people and of course do work and model here.

Bye bye Cape Town and talk to you soon, once I am back in Germany.


Photoshoot part one Llandudno beach

Finally this is the first photoshoot in Cape Town and I am really happy, because Lladundno Beach is the perfect spot for taking great pictures with beach and granite rocks. I wanted this shoot to look minimalistic and put some accents on nailpolish, lips and clothes. Love the deep pink color of the Ginatrico nailpolish and the lips are by MAC impassioned, my must have this spring/summer. Clothes are by myself and Anna Fritz. Can’t wait to show you the amazing pictures Fracois Pistorius took but here are some making of for you.




I am still in Cape Town and sure enjoying the sun. But I am quite shocked by so many people who just don’t pay attention to their skin and who end up with real bad sunburn. Your skin is the biggest organ you have and it never forgets… so treat your skin with the most care you can. Which means, USE always use sunscreen. Especially in Cape Town the sun is so strong, I always use 50 or 30 sunscreen and it is importat to use it every half an hour. I know this sounds difficult, but hey, do you want to look like a crab or in the end get wrinkles? I guess not, so it is soooo important to use sunscreen. Skin cancer rate is increasing and I am sure also because so many people underestimate the sun and what sunburn can cause. Be aware  that if you treat your skin now with utmost care it will still look great in the future and it will determine how you look once you are in your 50-60s. For me as model it is even more important to have great skin, but this made me realize also that so many people don’t know what’s good for their skin and what’s not. So keep in mind, if you want to have great skin, there is no secret, use sunscreen and after sun lotion, aloe vera and I personally love Biotherm.

Aloe Vera is a great helper if you got sunburn or as after sun lotion. I also apply a mask for my face more often in summer and after sunbathing. My skin looks great afterwards and is really thankful for the moisture and freshness I am giving it.

So please don’t be that person walking around in red- use sunscreen.


Spring Style 2

This is by far my fav outfit for spring and summer. I am over the moon in love with this style, all my favorite items come together here. I was working at the iloveloud online store, when I came across this playsuit of Cameo. Lucky me it was on sale so I had to get it. Mixing it with the Chanel bag (this color is just my absolute fav color because it reminds me of the sea) I am adding a high fashion item and make this jumper even look more expensive. I usually combine it with this golden Asos belt but the jumper can also be worn without it. Have a good look at the back and the nice shape and design of it. I am quite sure, most of the people look at the bag, rather than the front.

So here it is my fav style, hope you like it as much as I do



Playsuit Cameo, Heels H&M, Bag Chanel, Belt Asos