My three days cleanse with Frank Juice

So after some busy weeks of work I wanted to do something for my body, to calm down and to have a fresh start for summer. As a model it is important to be fit, so a healthy diet is vital besides doing sports.

I have to admit of course I eat pizza sometimes and I eat sweets and I did not try a clease or detox programme so far. It was time to try something new and thanks to Frank Juice I was able to try a three days cleanse.

Frank Juice provides you details, how to prepare for the cleanse and also what to eat the day after the cleanse. My programme was the three days basis lavel, which means I had to drink six juices of five different flavors throughout the whole day. The juices are raw and organic and numbered, so I started with a green one and finished in the evening with the white one. Three liters of juice and lots of water and herbal tea.


So day one:

First day and I was excited because I really wanted to try the cleanse and I was curious how it would turn out. In general I did not feel hungry, because I was drinking a lot and sometimes I really had to keep up with the programme, not to forget to drink. Of course I wanted to have something salty or sweet, I guess thats normal for the first day, I really like juice number 2 (pinnacle, mint and apple flavor). That one is and will remain my fav. Honestly I was not a big fan of juice no 1 and 3 (apple, celeriac,cucumber, kale, spinach, parsley, lemon and ginger). I usually don’t eat kale and I guess the flavor was just a bit too strong for me.

Day two:

Still all good. I could tell something was going on in my body, my stomach was working and I kept on drinking my juices. Again I was not hungry at all, I tend to drink up to 2 liters of water a day, so now drinking 3 liters at least, was keeping my stomach full and busy. There was no time and space to be hungry. Although it was a bit hard to watch my boyfriend eating his usual meals.

Day three:

Final day, but I did not really like the green juice anymore. I kept on drinking, but as I already said, it was just not my kind of flavor. Also juice number five (beetroot, carrot, apple, lemon and ginger) was not really my flavor anymore. I don’t like beetroot at all, never have, so drinking a juice mainly in beet root flavor was my ultimate challenge. I was doing something that I had never tried or done before.


I have to admit that I felt fitter and waker, I could tell something was going on in my system, my body was working. My challenge was to drink juices that I would usually not drink: kale and beet root I will never be a fan of them, even though in combination with the other fruits and vegetables, they were ok for me and of course they are extremely healthy.

Overall it was a great cleanse, I wanted to try it and I am happy that I did it. It is always good to detox your body, try something new and be up to the challenge. Everybody is able to pass on solid food for three days, it is not like the world will end. It can be hard, because you are used to eat all that stuff, but it is just the process of getting used to a new situation. After three days it was strange to eat something solid again. Doing a cleanse you have to watch and look for signals of your body as well. It is quite important that you see if you are getting along with it as you should or if your body might not. Feeling a bit colder or tired as usual can be normal.

Thank you Frank Juice for letting me try this cleanse programme, it was great to see how it correlates with my body.

Try it yourself:


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