Cardea Detox

We all get a bit sicky from time to time, tired and exhausted. For myself as a model, I have to take care of what I eat, not because I don’t want to gain weight but rather because I want to stay fit and look fresh. A lot of food that we eat is poison for your body and reflects in your shape and skin. If you are tired, don’t drink enough water and do not eat fruits and vegetables, your skin will look pale and your body will be more vulnerable for infections.

So besides eating healthy it is a great idea to do a detox treatment each year and what could be better than great juices, smoothies or soups of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I had a look at Cardea Detox, they offer different programms (depending on how long you want to detox), hot soups and juices and even vegan programms. You can choose from juicy detox, to green power detox, to juicy&dinner detox and so on. It is up to you if you only want to detox with fluids or also with one meal of solid food.

You can even have a skin detox at home with Cardea – easy as that.

All ingredients are natural and organic, aloe vera, boost, spirulina, guarana, lots of healthy stuff in one bottle.

Who said detoxing is boring and does not taste well – these juices and soups proof that it is wrong and your body will thank you!

You can order your detox programme online and have it shipped to your home.

For more information and if you want to try Cardea Detox got to:


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