TBT – Sydney 2009/2010

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Cardea Detox

We all get a bit sicky from time to time, tired and exhausted. For myself as a model, I have to take care of what I eat, not because I don’t want to gain weight but rather because I want to stay fit and look fresh. A lot of food that we eat is poison for your body and reflects in your shape and skin. If you are tired, don’t drink enough water and do not eat fruits and vegetables, your skin will look pale and your body will be more vulnerable for infections.

So besides eating healthy it is a great idea to do a detox treatment each year and what could be better than great juices, smoothies or soups of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I had a look at Cardea Detox, they offer different programms (depending on how long you want to detox), hot soups and juices and even vegan programms. You can choose from juicy detox, to green power detox, to juicy&dinner detox and so on. It is up to you if you only want to detox with fluids or also with one meal of solid food.

You can even have a skin detox at home with Cardea – easy as that.

All ingredients are natural and organic, aloe vera, boost, spirulina, guarana, lots of healthy stuff in one bottle.

Who said detoxing is boring and does not taste well – these juices and soups proof that it is wrong and your body will thank you!

You can order your detox programme online and have it shipped to your home.

For more information and if you want to try Cardea Detox got to:


Zaha Hadid or when architects design shoes

I just came across these amaaazing shoe designs by architect Zaha Hadid


Yeah you can tell they are a masterpiece and that these shoes are quite architectual. Put them on a shelf and just look at them instead of a painting.

Amazing work and an amazing mind.


Check out some of the shoes on:


Blue pastel coat

(Coat/Trouser/Sneakers: Zara, Shirt: H&M)

Yes, I am guilty of being addicted to pastel coats this season and I love wearing them with jeans or trousers and my super confi Zara sneakers. Why do business clothes always have to be conservative and boring. This outfit proofs that a business can be elegant, but up to date. The combination of blue and grey is always a good looking mix. Pastel colors are great with black, to shine even more and to be the highlight of the whole outfit.

So now I am wearing pastel coats in pink, yellow and blue. I guess I still need a mint green one 😉



Bikini season is just around the corner and I wanted to introduce to you a great label that creates amazing swimsuits and bikinis- MOEVA.

MOEVA is a London based brand that offers great designs and great quality since 2012. Amazing colors are mixed with eyecatching details. The results are expensive and elegant bikinis and monokinis.

This is actually a selection of the latest collection of MOEVA:

I am in love with the colors and golden details of these pieces. MOEVA is a brand that combines luxury and rich taste and that definately will make you look stunning at the beach or pool
A great way for a confident woman to express herself and her taste of fashion.
Shop the latest collection of MOEVA online:

My yellow coat


(Coat: Zara, Bag: Aldo, Peplum Dress: Forever New)

I love my yellow pastel coat and I love to wear it with blue. This outfit is more a sophisticated one, one you could wear to work in the office or in the city. I love the modern mix with this amazing peplum dress and lighting it up with the yellow coat.

The yellow color is charming for your skin tone and makes it look brighter. At the same time this outfit is not too sexy but still not too conservative. A great mix as I think.

Lizzie Fortunato

I am  wearing a lot of jewellery when I am doing photoshoots and when I am modelling. Usually when I dress up myself I tend to forget that I could add a necklace, earrings or rings to my outfits. Doing styling I always think of these details, its kind of funny that I am split when it comes to going out as a stylist or just as a model.

Anyways I came across the incredible designs of Lizzie Fortunato and I am in loooove. I can’t even make up my mind which design I love more but I am stunned by the amazing craftsmanship of their jewellery.

So this is just a selection of the pieces that I want for myself.

The brand is an NYC based label designed by Lizzie Fortunato and operated by her twin sister Kathryn.

Shop yourself happy with the incredible designs: