Verlocke Hair Extensions

I am honest with you, I don’t have the greatest hair, even though I am modelling.

It’s just that nobody is perfect and I am just not blessed with thick hair. My hair is kind of fine and therefore I started to look for a way to make it look thicker and to provide the hair stylists with more possibilities to work on my hair.

Some years ago I would have never thought that I would use hair extensions, because I always thought they just can’t look real and if they are real hair, they are soooo freaking expensive.

My friend make up and hair stylist Melanie Goldman proved me wrong when she showed me the hair extensions of Verlocke! and now I am using them on photoshoots whenever I can. I bring them to photoshoots and everybody is convinced that this is a great product for people like me, that just have really thin hair.

Here are some examples of photoshoots I did with Verlocke hair extensions

Would you have noticed? I don’t think so.

They are easy to use, since they are clip in extensions and if you want to you can use the shampoo and conditioner especially for the extensions. That will make them look even more natural, shiny and make them not get toneless or spliced.

The wide range of colors makes it possible to find something for every hair color, whether you want to put some highlight into your hair or make it look thicker.

Check out their webpage:


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