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TBT – Throwback Thursday Hawaii 2013

Marine Style

Shirt and Jacket: Mango, Shorts: Forever21, Necklace: Iam, Heels: Zara

I love marina style outfits and I love the combination of this classic look with young and fresh pieces.

Adding the Jacket to this looks make it more sophisticated and mature. The necklace is a stunner itself and perfect for this outfit if you want to wear it for dinner or for grabbing a cocktail. Overall marine style ist something that is timeless, classy and always looks good. Whether you mix blue and red, black and yellow, white and blue… so many combinations and sooo many ways to look great.

Thank you Kay for taking the pictures of this style:


Bath and Body Works

I looove body lotion and body mist that gives a little scent of parfume to your skin, just enough to make you feel comfortable and great.

Bath and Body Works is an amazing store with such a huge range of great products to pamper your skin and to make you smell great.

They even have flavors I would have never dreamed of and the frangrance is not too strong, but actually lasts for hours.

As a model I have to have great and skin, it is helping me getting beauty jobs and booked again. Your skin is your biggest organ and it never forgets.

So treat it with the utmost care you can.

This is just a selection of products that I personally love.

So much more to discover and such a great treat for your skin.

Check out their US site:


and get your products in Germany here:


Just Cavali Spring/Summer 2014

What I love about Just Cavali is that these clothes are not only feminine (thank you Roberto for making us women look and feel great in your designs) but also wearable in normal life.

How many designs we see at fashion week and love them but there is always that question: “Where can we wear that?”

Not with Just Cavalli. Just in time for spring/summer 2014 the tropical collection arrived. We will see lots of tropical prints this season and these are some of my favorites

The mix of bright and strong colors with white and black make these colors even more pop up. Elements of pink, yellow, purple and orange are the perfect combination for tanned skin and summer vibes.

So I can’t wait for summer now. Get your tropics up!


Verlocke Hair Extensions

I am honest with you, I don’t have the greatest hair, even though I am modelling.

It’s just that nobody is perfect and I am just not blessed with thick hair. My hair is kind of fine and therefore I started to look for a way to make it look thicker and to provide the hair stylists with more possibilities to work on my hair.

Some years ago I would have never thought that I would use hair extensions, because I always thought they just can’t look real and if they are real hair, they are soooo freaking expensive.

My friend make up and hair stylist Melanie Goldman proved me wrong when she showed me the hair extensions of Verlocke! and now I am using them on photoshoots whenever I can. I bring them to photoshoots and everybody is convinced that this is a great product for people like me, that just have really thin hair.

Here are some examples of photoshoots I did with Verlocke hair extensions

Would you have noticed? I don’t think so.

They are easy to use, since they are clip in extensions and if you want to you can use the shampoo and conditioner especially for the extensions. That will make them look even more natural, shiny and make them not get toneless or spliced.

The wide range of colors makes it possible to find something for every hair color, whether you want to put some highlight into your hair or make it look thicker.

Check out their webpage:



Pastel Photoshoot

One of the trends that started last year and will stay this year is pastel colors for spring and summer. With a little adjustment of mixing these pastel colors with bright colors. Pastel color blocking. My favorites are shades of mint green, yellow, purple and blue.

These pastel colors always remind me of candy, so there could be no better idea than mixing both ideas and shoot a pastel candy story.

Make up was done by my friend Yvonne and the focused on nails, hair and pastel lips.

Modelling is so much fun, doing all these great photoshoots and being able to wear all these amazing clothes and labels like Chanel or Prada.

I am so happy with the results and hope to give you some inspiration how to wear your candy colors this season

Check out the portfolios of these two great creative girls: