Kite surfing

Did I tell you that I love surfing?
I fell in love with surfing long before I did it myself. Surfing was always something that really seemed to touch my soul, even though I did not grow up at the ocean. When I was in Australia I finally took the chance to learn it myself and I am in love even more ever since. Once I get onto my surfboard and I am in the water, the world around me just calms down and I can totally relax and find peace, sitting there and waiting for wave to ride. I am not the greatest surfer, but I always have a lot of fun.

Since my boyfriend is more into kite surfing, I had to try this as well. Watersports are totally my thing and so we went to Langebaan yesterday to have some kite sessions there. I am still new to kite surfing, but it was great fun there and really beautiful.

Here are some pictures that I took over there





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