Little helpers


I am often asked which products I use for my skin- because it seems so great and natural. Well there is no real secret- I use pure aloe vera gel and biotherm products. That’s pretty much it. And it works well for me.

I sometimes apply a mask, but maybe once a week or so. Not quite often. Most important is to always clean your skin and take of all the make up and other stuff. After that I usually apply the aloe vera gel and then one of the creams of biother I use. I tried the Biotherm Aquasource gel, Biotherm Skinergetic cream and Skinergetic serum. I am absolutely in love with these products, they make your skin look fresh and glowy. What you can do is use the gel/cream in the morning/during the day and the serum for the night. Both products work perfectly together and your skin wil thank you.

Also an important part, but often forgotten, is to eat lots of fruits&veggies and not smoking or too much alcohol. All these things will show in your skin and trust me people will see a difference.

So those are my secrects: no cigarettes&alcohol, aloe vera and Biotherm.

What do you use to took flawless each day?



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