Woodstock Food Lovers Market

A friend told us about the Woodstock Food Lovers Market, which is every Saturday around 11am. So we had to check it out and what can I say, I love it! Imagine a bazar, but everything there they sell is food, drinks, wine and deli stuff. I got some spices and marmalade for my family and there is soooo much food to choose from to eat, we will come back next week and try even more. This market is more an event and not to be compared to the weekly markets in Germany. There is this kind of South African flair, making music, dancing and having such a great time. Relax and try great food from different nationalities. Bread, cupcakes, ciabatta, ice cream,macarons (so yummie), smoothies, ginger lemonade, fresh apple juice, tuna sandwiches and and and. No wonder why this market was crowded like hell. If you are planning on going to Cape Town or you are already here, this is something you just have to see and experience.





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