Hello I am from Venus and yourself?

Wow wow wow

today was shooting day, with me and three guys (lucky me): Marvin Hagemeister, Tommy Andrich and Jan Haas and not to forget amazing jewellery from Jasmina Jovy, Halo&Co and Barbarela. I am in looove with all of their pieces and I felt really expensive I have to say. Incredible designs as you can see here:

The story of this editorial was kind of an alien, stranded somewhere on earth or venus or mars. Make up was all focussed on the nails and wigs and of course the designs I was wearing. It was great to see myself with short hair, since I am thinking of getting a longbob haircut in March. What do you think?

The pictures will be amazing and be shown at Paris and London fashion week. Great work, lots of sweets and even more fun with you guys. We also did a making of/behind the scenes video, which I will show you when I am back from Cape Town.

Now I am on my way to Cape Town but I had to share these impressions with you.


Please visit the website of these amazing contributors as well:







and thank you all so much for the great work, I can’t wait to see the results and get the feedback from Paris and London Fashion Week!




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