Cape Town Bound 2014




I promised to upload some impressions from my time in Cape Town, so here they are.


Coming home

Cape Town time is over now. Means coming back to ice cold Germany, escaping summer, switching to winter. I am not really looking forward to wearing winter clothes again, but I am excited for the jobs in March. I will shoot for the loud online shop again and work for Paul Mitchel. So there is always something to look forward to. I also think I will come back to Cape Town for next season. It was great to be here, experience the people and culture, see all the great landscapes and meet many new and interesting people and of course do work and model here.

Bye bye Cape Town and talk to you soon, once I am back in Germany.


Let’s go on a Safari!

What would be South Africa without a safari? Right, not just really South Africa. So we decided that we want to do at least a bit of safari (no we were not able to go to Krugers National Park) and it could not have been a better decision than doing it at Fairy Glen Reserve. Of course you cannot compare a private reserve with Krugers National Park, but it gives you an idea of what a National Park looks like and the animals are still running around freely. It was really beautiful to see the zebras, gnus, rhinos and elephants and we did even see lions, too. A little lepard tortoise also wanted to say hi to us. Fairy Glen is a great spot to do a safari, really friendly people, amazing atmosphere. You can tell that the owners not just want to make money, but also make the people aware that the white and black rhino is nearly extinct and that hunting for ivory or for fun is an absolute no go!
Four hours of Safari, heaps of pictures later we were quite happy that we visited Fairy Glen. Once I am back in Germany I will post some of the pictures I took there.


Last days in Cape Town

The one who things the last day are relaxing must be jocking. My last days in Cape Town are packed with castings, photoshoots and stuff that I want to see. Just to give you an idea. Photoshoot on Monday with amazing Luke (I will write about this when I am back in Germany), Boo Kap, last minute shopping, stepping by the agency and saying goodbye to everybody (thank you Roxy, Sarah and Estee for looking so good after us and for being so kind and friendly) aaaaaaand picking up my brand new, custom made surfboard!!!!

Fun and great last days and now I have to pack my bags for Germany.

How do you like my new surfboard?

Photoshoot part two

Call time 05:00 am and no I am not kidding. So we had to get up really early this time, because we wanted to shoot outdoors at Hout Bay catching the sunrise. Which means, getting up at five, driving to Annicq and getting hair and make up done and then going outside to shoot. Photographer was this time the very talented Glen Montgomery. I was really looking forward to this shoot, because I absolutely love Glens work and I got some beautiful dresses by Fatima Halwani and Anna Fritz to shoot with. What could be better?
All I can say, the pictures are stunning, but you will have to wait a while, till I can show them to you. Meanwhile enjoy some of the making of pictures and also visit Glen’s website:



Ombre me happy

Due to the constant sun here in Cape Town, my hair decided to really lighten up, I guess I am kind of almost blonde now. So I am really dark, light hair, what could be better. Should I stay like this or go darker again? And another question: long hair or longbob?
What do you think?



Spring style three

Before I leave Cape Town, here is another outfit, I love this Asos dress, thank you Jenn Werner for borrowing it to me for this styling.

So I wanted to add a statement necklace and some ankle boots. This outfit is really playful and good for fall or spring, for going out or for a shopping tour in the city. If you want to wear it for a party, just add a clutch, like I did.

Dress by Asos, Shoes Zara, Necklace Sportsgir, Bag Zara

As easy as that. Thank you Miri for taking the pictures.