Beauty Sweeties

I have to confess: I love candy! – and yes I eat a lot of them

So finally there is candy which is even healthy and good for your skin. Can you believe that?!


I came across these new sweets while I was working and I tried them all. They are really yummy and you can tell by their taste that they are natural ingredients, and not like other candy. They contain biotin, aloe vera, coenzyme q10, collagen and real fruit juice.

Great stuff for vegetarians and vegans, since they are made of acai, raspberry, mango, peach, pomegranate, melon and grapefruit.

Snacking has never been better and healthier than with these products. They are great for your skin (at least thats what they say ;)) and I believe it is a good way to eat candy but also to eat healthy. I am a great fan now of Beauty Sweeties and I am curious what you think.

Which flavor is your favorite?



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