Only with my pink coat

Remember when I told you about the amazing photoshoot with Marvin Hagemeister, Melanie Goldmann and Melanie Krüger?

Here is a little teaser for you, the first two retouched pictures:

What can I say, I love them! I like the clean and simple look they have.

I love the pink coat, I was a bit sad that there were not more people wearing pastel colored coats this winter. I was looking for a blueberry colored coat this winter, but could not find one, so I am still looking… any ideas?!

This sunday I will have another photoshoot with Marvin and the concept is incredible (I will tell you more about it tomorrow).

Finally on next Monday I will be flying out to Cape Town for three weeks- I am more than excited.

Until then I hope you enjoyed these pictures and want to see more soon.


All people involved in this photoshoot, please visit their homepages as well:


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