Parachutes and cameras

On Thursday I was at Duesseldorf International Airport, but not because I would go on a vacation (I wish I was). I was there for work.

More precisely Fuji was introducing its latest camera and I was one of the models to be photographed by the editors of several photograph magazines. Under the lead of Sonja Dirscherl the editors had the chance to test the new Fuji Cam at two sets. First one was mine, I was wearing a huuuuge parachute dress. A fan was constantly puffing up that dress, so that it looked massive and it reminded me of the editorials that Kristian Schuller took. 

Second set was Jana, a hot Pin Up Stewardess. She looked absolutely cute and gorgeous.

We were having a really great time and here is the final result of that photoshoot:

Thank you Sonja and Fuji for this fun day and great job and David Pedrotti for creating such an amazing gown and Viktoria Frisch for making me look so pretty.

Check out Sonja Dirscherls work, it is worth it:


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