What to expect this weekend

Since I am stuck here in Cologne, while everybody is in Berlin enjoying Fashion Week, I will tell you what this week still has in store for me:

Thursday I will be shooting for the Loud! online store (www.iloveloud.com) and I hope to see some really nice styles and clothes there. Always a great opportunity to get new inspiration and be up do date when it comes the the latest styles of Moschino, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs or Alexander Wang.

Friday I will shoot some styles with my friend Miri (from the Joop!Living post, yes she is also a photographer) to give you an insight of my wardrobe and my favorite pieces for this spring season.

Saturday I will be attending a Charity Gala here in Cologne as catwalk model. I am really excited for this venue, since it is packed with celebrities and all for a good cause. I will post about this event on Sunday 🙂

And finally Sunday I am in deep preparation for an upcoming beauty shoot. I will work on that shoot as model and stylist, so this is always a challenge for me. I have to consider the styling and think of how the looks should look like and at the same time be the model and be able to express what we want to show. It will be a collaboration with lots of interesting brands.

-So yeah I might not be attending fashion week, but I would say I am as busy as the people there.



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