Beauty Sweeties

I have to confess: I love candy! – and yes I eat a lot of them

So finally there is candy which is even healthy and good for your skin. Can you believe that?!


I came across these new sweets while I was working and I tried them all. They are really yummy and you can tell by their taste that they are natural ingredients, and not like other candy. They contain biotin, aloe vera, coenzyme q10, collagen and real fruit juice.

Great stuff for vegetarians and vegans, since they are made of acai, raspberry, mango, peach, pomegranate, melon and grapefruit.

Snacking has never been better and healthier than with these products. They are great for your skin (at least thats what they say ;)) and I believe it is a good way to eat candy but also to eat healthy. I am a great fan now of Beauty Sweeties and I am curious what you think.

Which flavor is your favorite?


Only with my pink coat

Remember when I told you about the amazing photoshoot with Marvin Hagemeister, Melanie Goldmann and Melanie Krüger?

Here is a little teaser for you, the first two retouched pictures:

What can I say, I love them! I like the clean and simple look they have.

I love the pink coat, I was a bit sad that there were not more people wearing pastel colored coats this winter. I was looking for a blueberry colored coat this winter, but could not find one, so I am still looking… any ideas?!

This sunday I will have another photoshoot with Marvin and the concept is incredible (I will tell you more about it tomorrow).

Finally on next Monday I will be flying out to Cape Town for three weeks- I am more than excited.

Until then I hope you enjoyed these pictures and want to see more soon.


All people involved in this photoshoot, please visit their homepages as well:

Last style January

The last days I was busy working at a trade show as candy girl, so I thought I will make it up on you by posting my last and third look for January.

Shoes: Zara, Shirt: Celine, Bag: H&M, Jacket: River Island, Skirt: Asos, Watch: Casio

As I already explained I am not much of a winter type, I prefer spring and summer. But I am a great fan of this outfit, because I love the yellow accents of the jacket and the way this fake fur looks. It does’t have to be real fur to look good. The skirt and heels make your legs look looooong and without the jacket this outfit could also be worn in spring or summer. Also I think this outfit looks elegant, but cheeky.

Thanks again to Miri for taking these pictures of me.


Second Look Jan 2014

While I am working today I thought its time for the second look of this month and here we go.

Thank you Miri for shooting this look with me :*

The Shirt is Sfera, Jumper Mango, Shorts Forever21, Belt Miri vintage, Shoes Bullboxer and the Bag Hugo Boss (and the mess is just to show you how many things I carry around when I shoot ;))

I really like this outfit because it is sooo confy and I really like walking around with an oversize jumper and a belt on top. This always looks chic, easy but elegant. Its a nice outfit especially for the time between winter and spring, it keeps your warm but at the same time makes you look stylish.

I am not really that much into winter, so I am always happy to not look like, it is winter at the moment and that reflect in that outfit.

I wish you all a relaxing Sunday and a great start into the new week.



Visit Miri’s blog, she is a great model&photographer and blogger as well 😉

Parachutes and cameras

On Thursday I was at Duesseldorf International Airport, but not because I would go on a vacation (I wish I was). I was there for work.

More precisely Fuji was introducing its latest camera and I was one of the models to be photographed by the editors of several photograph magazines. Under the lead of Sonja Dirscherl the editors had the chance to test the new Fuji Cam at two sets. First one was mine, I was wearing a huuuuge parachute dress. A fan was constantly puffing up that dress, so that it looked massive and it reminded me of the editorials that Kristian Schuller took. 

Second set was Jana, a hot Pin Up Stewardess. She looked absolutely cute and gorgeous.

We were having a really great time and here is the final result of that photoshoot:

Thank you Sonja and Fuji for this fun day and great job and David Pedrotti for creating such an amazing gown and Viktoria Frisch for making me look so pretty.

Check out Sonja Dirscherls work, it is worth it:

Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2014 couture

I have to admit that I am a great fan of Elie Saab and his amazing gowns.

Every season he is able to pull out breathtaking designs, but staying true to his elegant, timeless and unique style. I am in love with the embellished dresses and the colors. To me Elie Saab is art, he is a designer that totally understands to put a woman into the center of his design, make her look stunning but classic and always elegant.

Have a look at his stunning SS2014 couture collection:

Which one do you like most?

Red carpet Impose Charity Gala part one

As promised on Sunday, here is the first post about the Impose Charity Gala 2014 in Cologne which took place on the 18th Jan.

Lucky me was chosen to be one of the models of Dilyana Hristovas fashion show for the Impose Charity Gala in Cologne.
I already shot her latest collection last year and it was an amazing show and fun to walk for her.

What can I say, we had lots of fun, it was chaos like with every fashion show but in the end all worth it. Have a look at some backstage pictures and red carpet shots and in the second part of this post I will show you the video of the fashion show.


my red carpet outfit was this ivory Cameo jumper, with a gold Asos belt and my fav Chanel bag

The team around Dilyana was amazing, thanks again to the make up and hair stylists for making us look so pretty. The make up was orange lips, orange nails and highlights on the cheek bones. Hair was sleek and straight.

Have a look at Dilyanas latest collection and the editorial I shot for her:–power-one-beautiful-strong-68763.html

It was great to meet new people and to see that so many artists and celebrities get involved in charity and all for a good reason.

As soon as I get some press releases I will post them here of course.

For more pictures have a look here:

and please show these people some love, they made us and myself look soooooo stunning this night:

Thank you Yvonne, Rahime, Dilek, Didi and Kevin&Rebecca